Single premiere: Wandering Years – House Party

Wandering Years originated as the solo recording project of Brooklyn songwriter Gene Stroman. After making a string of home-recorded EPs, most recently the intimate, emo-tinged folk release Wandering Years Retirement Community (Candlepin Records, 2022), Stroman recruited friends to translate the Wandering Years sonic palette for a live audience. The amplified Wandering Years has won fans over with shoegaze/slowcore-inspired reinterpretations of earlier material and new songs from their first full-length album, Mountain Laughed (forthcoming 2023).

Wandering Years

I am really happy to share with you the newest track from this Brooklyn-based band called Wandering Years. If you have been following Z Tapes compilations, you would have known them already, we also featured one track on our blog’s first compilation (the track is just amazing). I am so happy Gene has turned his solo project into a band and I am super excited for this new chapter in his (their) music. The new album will be amazing and you can pre-order it digitally or on a cassette. It will be out on August 25 via Candlepin Records as mentioned above. You can read about the album on Bandcamp.

I am really into this new slowcore era of slow melancholic emo-like tracks with slow-drenched guitars. I have the full album in my email, but I decided to wait a little bit before I give it a proper listen. I want to just fully process this new single, which is really amazing. A really strong track that will not leave untouched. I can just close my eyes and let myself flow on the song like a slow peaceful river in beautiful wild countryside. A masterpiece.

Thank you Gene for trusting us with the premiere of this track.

I recommend you pre-order now the album digitally or on a cassette (you know I would choose tapes!).

You can find more music on Bandcamp and Spotify or follow the band on Instagram.