Single Premiere: Frog – Ur Still Mine

How often does it happen to you that you are premiering a special track together with a group of other blogs that are premiering different tracks? Not many times and I am glad that Jamie from Audio Antihero pulled this up. I think this is an excellent idea and you can head over to For The Rabbits, Hi54, Various Small Flames, or Acute Pop. You can find more blogs participating here.

Or follow this tweet:

I am so happy I can be part of this amazing group of labels.

This new album from Frog is like finding presents under a Christmas Tree that you did not expect. Every song you discover from the album is a gem. The same goes for this one that I am able to share with you.

Ur Still Mine is another country folk indie rock ballad that will not catch you musically, but you will fall in love with the lyrics as well. Just these two lines stuck with me somehow:

Do you have a daughter
Back in Minnesota

I love this track so much! The guitars, the vocals, everything!

But to be honest the Maybelline is still my favorite song from the album:

I am preparing a long interview with Frog which will be shared together with the album. But you can already listen to all 4 songs that are available on Bandcamp and pre-order this album. You can also check other blogs to find other gems from this album.

If you are not already ranking this album in your top 2023 albums, I do not know what’s up with you.

You have to listen to Frog, you have to order this album and you have to stay tuned for the amazing interview we will bring.

Kudos to Jamie for being such a smart innovator.

Listen to songs from the new album now:

You can follow the band: