Single: The Sedans v. Wyoming – Don’t Go To Mary

“The Sedans v. Wyoming is the only band for miles in their rural homeland commonly referred to as ‘Mid Missouri.’ Embedded in a tight community, they’re just a group of folks passionate about making music. The Sedans v. Wyoming keep it simple, offering a down-to-earth musical vibe that speaks to those who care to listen.”

The track has been out since July, but I got to it just now. It is nice summery slackery fuzzy folky indie rock and I love it. They are coming from the Midwest and I am so excited there is such great musing coming from that area. I have to yet explore these parts of the USA, both in person and in music terms. I have been listening to this track on repeat and I am enjoying it very much. This is the kind of music I would love to release more, a little bit more on our new label, but since I killed Z Tapes, the number of submissions has increased so much that I have to stick to my plan to release just a few releases per year. Already doing twice more than I originally wanted, but do not mind my rambling and enjoy this song.

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