Single: GOMOJO – Hesitator

“GOMOJO are a 4-piece band from Lisbon. The band was formed in 2022 when long term friends, Joe Armitage and Mykle Oliver Smith joined forces to write music for a climate awareness event at an arts association in the small beach town of Parede, on the outskirts of Lisbon. Their immediate musical chemistry made it clear that a long-lasting collaboration was inevitable. When they drafted in Aran McMahon on guitars and Francisco Marcelino on drums, the band was complete and GOMOJO was born. Their music weaves together various themes, oscillating between personal narratives and more profound topics affecting our society. With a distinctive blend of guitars, organ, intricate vocal harmonies and punctuating rhythms the band create emotionally compelling sounds, intent on uplifting the spirit and evoking contemplation.”

“”Hesitator” is an indie-pop tune with a vintage edge. The song blends upbeat music with thought-provoking and reflective lyrics. This unique duality creates a listening experience that is both emotionally resonant and energetically uplifting.”

Another submission from the Portuguese label Reverie operated by folks from Too Many Suns. I am glad that I can finally discover new indie music from this part of Europe. I would love to more, so if you are a Portuguese musician, please send us your music. This is a laid-back indie pop with a nice summer warmth and beautiful atmosphere. I can close my eyes and pretend I am walking on the Portuguese beach, the sun is shining and I can feel the ocean on my skin. The memories are still vivid from our last trip, so adding this as the soundtrack to my memories is so sweet. Such a great indie pop tune that will get you hooked instantly. Highly recommended.

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