SINGLE: Phantom Handshakes – Good Intentions

With the dreamy ‘Good Intentions’, Phantom Handshakes beckons forward a deep reverence for the slickest of dream-pop. The New York City based duo, a collaboration between Federica Tassano and Matt Sklar, are one of the most prolific outfits out there, putting out triumph after triumph of dream-pop moments since 2020. Already set to release their third full length record, Phantom Handshakes are clearly not a band to cease their output. 

‘Good Intentions’ is the first single from Sirens at Golden Hour, their new LP releasing August 21. There is everything to love about Phantom Handshakes here: the guitars are jangled and heavily reverbed; there are moments which straddle the line between slick production and lo-fi warmth; and Federica Tassano’s vocals breathlessly carry the song towards it’s ethereal conclusion. Phantom Handshakes are a band that the listener could describe as being reliable; for four years now they have produced effortlessly cool dream-pop, like most bands within the genre, focussing on vibe and beauty. With ‘Good Intentions’ they certainly look like they are perpetuating this description, and Sirens at Golden Hour promises to be the perfect soundtrack for the last days of summer. 

Written by Callum Foulds