Single: My Best Unbeaten Brother – Blues Fatigue

I don’t care
If no-one cares
No one listens anyway
No one listens anyway
Let’s put our fingers in the till and start a new life out of this

The final single from the upcoming EP by a band based in Croydon, London, has completely captured my attention. The post-punk bass line, combined with half-spoken vocals, exudes pure energy, and I find myself thoroughly engrossed in the lyrics. Each single we’ve shared on our blog over the past few weeks has been a delight. I’m eagerly anticipating the EP’s release at the end of June. Despite having the opportunity to listen to it in its entirety, I’ve intentionally held back in order to experience it for the first time alongside everyone else on release day. I’m thrilled that Audio Antihero is bringing us such a remarkable gem with this EP.

Written by Filip Zemcik