Single: Lone Seagull – By My Side #16

‘By My Side #16’ is already Lone Seagull’s second release of the year, coming mere months after January’s, ‘Miracle of Nature’ EP, continuing Pete Bridle’s crunchy shoegaze. The sound is deeply reverential of classic bands of the genre: i.e. My Bloody Valentine and Drop Nineteens; with an obvious tilt to contemporary practitioners, such as Wednesday and feeble little horse. This is what makes Lone Seagull’s music standout, by it’s ability to display Bridle’s absolute and obvious love for these bands, whilst remaining singular. 

‘By My Side #16’ expertly showcases Pete Bridle’s love for shoegaze. If you are at all a fan of the classic pioneers of the genre, then recommend enough Lone Seagull, for all that hazy goodness.

Written by Callum Folds