Single: Jon GK – Wishful Thinking

A two-part progressive soul pop song that has been labored over since 2018, “Wishful Thinking,” the latest single from LA-based artist Jon GK finally sees the light of day. With support from Harry Terrell (drums, guitar, percussion), Romuald Lauverjon (backing vocals), Jonah Levine (trombone), and Josh Sphak (trumpet), Jon GK (lead vocals, keys, strings, bass guitar) leads a lush sonic odyssey through the throes of a love that is unlikely to see fruition. Part one is swinging loose and largely carefree: there’s trepidation regarding an optimistic outcome, but GK’s so enraptured by the prospect of success that he’s too jubilant to be truly deterred (“Still looking for the love / Looking for that ecstasy / If it was up to you and me / Oh, our love would surely be”). Swelling string arrangements and a killer synth solo combined with GK’s sweet, naïve vocals bring to mind Stevie Wonder here, whereas part two is more blue-eyed Hall & Oates. This is the comedown: a tighter, more downtrodden acceptance of reality driven by punchy keys that dare not drift and dream (“Yeah, it was all just in my head / It won’t be the last time I’ve been misled”). Truly a passion project, “Wishful Thinking” extends beyond its base version: there are also radio and groove edits, as well as instrumental and acapella versions for the obsessive to dig into.

You can purchase Jon GK’s “Wishful Thinking” on Bandcamp

Written by Travis Shosa.