Single: Joe Kaplow – February Prorated Rent

I have been getting into folk/country music more and more past months. It is a slow development for me but I am appreciating it more and more. This new single from Joe Kaplow is perfectly representing the sound I am enjoying a lot in the past few weeks. I really like the atmosphere this song brings. I miss America…

Here is another reason why I got interested in this new single:

The new single, “February Prorated Rent”, taps into frustrations the California-based musician has experienced with gentrification in the Bay Area.

“In the eight years I’ve lived there, I’ve seen so many artists and musicians move away,” he says. “Hundreds of them. The song also confronts my attachment to the Bay and how I’m the lingerer who’s left living in a garage to make ends meet.”

You can learn more about the artist on the website or listen to music on Spotify.