Single: Jack Keyes – Skyscraper

Sharing Jack’s music is becoming a regular thing as true for many artists I am genuinely enjoying.

I will share a full press note so you know more about the song and future plans:

“Louisville, Kentucky folk artist Jack Keyes is proud to release his new single, Skyscraper, out January 13.

“Skyscraper is a celebration of the wonderful musical community I’ve found in Kentucky”, Keyes said. “I recorded the song at a studio just a few miles away from the school I teach at, with contributions from friends I’ve met throughout my musical journey in town.”

Skyscraper is a change of pace from Keyes’ DIY leanings, as the track was recorded by Anne Gauthier (Ray Lamontagne, Joan Shelley) at LaLaLand Studio in Louisville. The track features Ellie Ruth on viola, Fiona Palenski on drums, and Blase Groody on Saxophone.

The song’s themes touch on the importance of not being swayed by others’ opinions. Select lyrics include, “And your spit was made of clay / and I shaped myself from what you used to say”.

“A lot of times, I can rely on others for their insights instead of relying on my own instincts,” Keyes said. “Skyscraper is about wanting to be more comfortable in my own choices and in my own skin.” 

Prior to Skyscraper, Keyes has released two full-length albums: 2021’s The Moon is Too High and 2022’s Dissolving in Dusk. His minimal, but experimental style and classical guitar finger-picking have been compared to Nick Drake and Elliott Smith.

Skyscraper is the first single ahead of Keyes’ next full-length, which will be released in the summer of 2023.

This newest single is a gentle folk track with once again beautiful instruments and strong Jack’s vocals. This is the kind of music I used not to listen to, but this one is really special and I am appreciating it more and more. Jack’s music is definitely something that deserves proper listening and it makes me fall in love with alternative folk music.

When listening to this song, I can close my eyes and let myself drift away with all the beautiful instruments sounding in my ears. Such a magical moment. Just try…

You can support Jack and discover more music on Bandcamp.