Single: Jacob Lopez – everyone’s happy all the time

“it’s a kind of shoegaze dreampop song”

It kinda is. Jacob is according to my digging an artist from California releasing music since 2021. Not much else to learn. This is the newest single, which is definitely dream / lo-fi / shoegaze pop. The melody is a little bit repetitive for my taste. Somehow past weeks, I am looking for more diversity in songs, but I made exceptions with this song as it is catchy in my own way. As I wrote before, I am more looking for atmosphere in the song which is really nice in this single. I am planning to share it on our Youtube channel as well. I just wished more people would be following it, so I would bring more new fans to all bands and artists I am sharing there.

If you enjoyed this song, you can check more music from Jacob on Spotify.

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