Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Metropolitan Project, J. Canales, Barrie, Aubrey Key, ivy z

Metropolitan Project – Jellyfish

Past weeks I have decided to listen to more instrumental music or at least music where vocals are as not dominant as usually they are. I like listening to music that creates more atmosphere than actually makes you focus on lyrics that much. Lyrics are important, but somehow music was always more important to me. This song is a nice example of how instruments can create a beautiful dreamy hazy atmosphere you can get lost in. Just magical. You can find more music on Spotify,

J. Canales – IDW2K

“3 piece nu emo group from Salem OR” Not sure what nu emo means, but I am enjoying this track as well as the cover art of the song, which is really cool. Additionally, I am not only getting into the great guitar parts, but also the overall dreamy vibe of the song. Really nice, energetic track that sounds a little bit different from other indie tracks I have been listening to past months. Definitely worth checking out, especially when it is the debut single. You can follow the artist on Spotify.

Barrie – Doesn’t Really Matter

I have known about Barrie for a while, so this new single is no big discovery and since the time I discovered her music, she is more popular. Either way, her voice, and music, in general, are still very captivating for me and I am enjoying it. This is a type of indie pop I have no problems listening to more often. You can find more music on Spotify.

Aubrey Key – Mistletoe

Christmas is over, but we can still enjoy some Christmas songs. Especially when it is a cover of Justin Bieber’s song. This ukulele, bedroom lo-fi pop version is definitely one of the best covers I have listened to in a while. So catchy, and so yummy. I have been listening to it on repeat since Christmas. So addictive. You can find more music on Spotify.

ivy z – illusion

The last recommendation is from my friend Lenka aka ivy z. She is working on a new album which should be out very soon, this is the first single from it and it is as gorgeous as I hoped so. I have heard many of the new songs live (I even organized a show for her) so naturally, I am excited about the new album. She is making the most amazing weird (bedroom) pop you can hear now. Definitely a top female artist to follow from central Europe these days. Do not wait and discover her old catalog and get ready for new beautiful music. I am loving this single so much and I hope you will too… You can find more music on Spotify.