Single: Duck Lake – Beach Song

“Duck Lake are a 5-piece band of long-time high school friends turned musical collaborators, based in the inner suburbs of Adelaide. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Men I Trust, Alice Phoebe Lou and Loving, their music is characterised by ethereal vocals and layered guitar and synth harmonies. Duck Lake delicately blends elements of dreampop, indiepop, and altpop to bring you a hypnotic and heartfelt sound.

This is our debut single. It’s a self-produced, melancholic pop ballad, with elements of self-love.”

Another melancholic dreamy ballad this time from Australia, which makes it even more interesting. I can imagine myself walking on the coast of the Pacific or Indian Ocean and just feeling the moist wind in my nose, the haze around me, and just seagulls making my company. What a nice image that it is. I still have visiting Australia on my bucket list and I think I should start working on my Australian playlist. This track would be in it.

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