Single: Burs – Try

“Try is for anyone who’s ever been suffocated by a job. I’ve been through so many different work situations in so little time. It doesn’t get any easier, but we have to work hard to sustain ourselves in a broken system. An ex-boss of mine followed me around for a while after I quit, and it was clear they were angry that I wasn’t going to be doing their bidding anymore. I had my reasons, but they continued to spend so much time and energy trying to make my situation miserable; they wouldn’t stop beating a dead horse. The song is saying, go ahead and try, see what good it does.” – Ray Goudy

Burs are a 4-piece indie folk band from Toronto, Canada. A song focusing heavily on lyrics and vocals accompanied by atmospheric instruments creates a beautiful natural collage. A song that brings out the powerfulness of the Canadian forest (at least I feel like that). Beautiful music that can talk to many of us.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

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