Single: Basement Revolver – Red Light

“Basement Revolver has always centered around the friendship of bassist/keyboardist Nim Agalawatte (they/them) and guitarist/vocalist Chrisy Hurn (they/them). Lead guitarist Jonathan Malström (he/him) and drummer Levi Kertesz (he/him) round out the band’s larger-than-life sound. Since 2020, Basement Revolver found time to wrestle with questions about identity, faith, mental illness, and sexuality.

The inspiration for their new song, “Red Light,” came from a discussion at a band practice Chrisy shared that they had received a red light ticket which was extremely frustrating because it was for a greater amount than their recent paycheck. As a band who has received their fair share of parking and speeding tickets while playing shows and touring, they are no strangers to financial setbacks when it comes to working towards their dreams. The band members realized that it was a relatable topic so they wrote a song about it

“Hopefully we’ve all learned to be a little more careful while driving!” says Nim Agalawatte. “Especially in cities like Hamilton where we live that have many red light cameras now.”

Whenever I come across a piece of music from Canada in our submission inbox, I feel a rush of excitement to check it out. While I don’t always enjoy what I hear, on those rare occasions when I do, I’m filled with an even greater sense of happiness. This particular dream pop band, with its unique blend of shoegaze and classic indie rock, has piqued my curiosity. Their latest single is infused with a vibrant energy that is sure to captivate you.

Here is also a little introduction to this Canadian band:

“Basement Revolver have been crafting both noisy and graceful shoegaze-esque tracks out of their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario since releasing their 2016 breakout hit ‘Johnny’. Their affinity for blending ’90s-infused indie rock with fuzzy, dreamy pop and poignant, yearning lyrics has earned them a devoted following throughout their native Canada, the US and UK. Following a pair of buzz-worthy EPs, Basement Revolver released debut album Heavy Eyes to critical acclaim in 2018. Adding a second guitarist in 2019, the now expanded possibilities of sound and colour were captured on the infectious Wax and Digital EP, recorded at Toronto’s Union Sound Co with producer Ian Gomes. With tour plans on hold through 2020, the four-piece found time to wrestle with questions about identity, faith, mental illness, and sexuality. Their sophomore LP, Embody, is explicit about these new ideas and new thoughts, addressing them with a deeper sound and crisper production to adroitly express the complexity of the world. Coming out in the middle of pandemic means that embodiment has to take new forms, and this album is one of those ways forward. This record, with its complex sonic landscape, sometimes lush and sometimes stark, is of a piece with their earlier work, but it’s deeper and more self-aware.”

Photo by Stephanie Montani

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