Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Yamski, Benedikt, Dreams on Tape, Dream Mode, Wandering Years, Chuck 2

Yamski – The Creative Adult

“Yamski is Yam Rabinowitz – Multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer based in Tel Aviv.” A little bit of indie R&B dream pop. Something that I do not usually share, but this song got me hooked. Pretty catchy melody and a really interesting atmosphere it creates. You can follow the artist on Spotify.

Benedikt – You Might Remember

I have shared Benedikt’s music before so this is not a new artist for me, but somehow I am enjoying this one much more than others. It is definitely more mainstream indie, which is not really something I am dedicated to sharing on the blog, but I can make exceptions. This song has such a beautiful gentle melody I can connect with very much. Also, the second vocals are really amazing. You can find more music on Spotify.

Dreams on Tape – Lost in My Head

I have shared Dreams on Tape before, so another artist that has been regularly recommended to check out. In addition to this catchy lo-fi dream gaze, you can enjoy the video completed from some old footage. “This song is an ode to daydreams. Those beautiful breaks from reality that can also come at a cost. Sometimes we miss out on real life opportunities because we are too caught up imagining the possibilities.” You can find more music on Spotify

Dream Mode – TRIED TO SAY

“Dream Mode is the project of multi instrumentalist, JJ Giurano. It started in early 2018, playing around with synthesizers, a sampler, and music software in a college dorm room.” Sticking to dreamy vibes from this New Jersey-based artist. It’s Fall but I am still getting some summer vibes not only in this song but also outside. You can find more music on Spotify.

Wandering Years – Sunlight Song

Wandering Years is another artist I have shared before and probably will share in the future as well. Not only a frequent contributor to Z Tapes compilations (including the recent one), but also making beautiful indie folk music. This new song is just amazing. I am really excited about the upcoming album as the newest songs are promising a beautiful album. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp.

Chuck 2 – Rubber Cement

To be honest, I know nothing about this band besides the fact that they are from either Cincinnati, Ohio, or Dayton, Kentucky and they have a new album on Bandcamp. They are making pretty catchy slacker lo-fi rock. I am planning to listen to the album in full because it looks promising. You can also find more music on Spotify.

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