EP: Santa Rose – Ecology

I have written it before but I enjoy sharing music from artists that were part of the compilations we curated. For example, the band Santa Rose was on the recent one called Let’s Save Topshelf Records Compilation. Recently they released an EP that I am sharing with you.

Starting out a college recording project in Gainesville, Florida, Santa Rose has since moved back home to South Florida. Inspired by dream pop, shoegaze, and post-punk acts, Santa Rose is very much a bedroom project with an uncertain existence (like many other bandcamp artists).”

EP with is consisting of 6 interesting bedroom lo-fi pop/rock songs. Something I used to listen to a lot in the old days of running Z Tapes. Lo-fi bedroom sound will have always a special place in my heart. This EP is definitely a good fit for all old Z Tapes fans including me.

If you have some spare bucks, go and grab a cassette that comes with a zine.

You can get in on Bandcamp.