Album: Let’s Save Topshelf Records Compilation

We at United Cassettes, Z Tapes, and came together to create this excellent compilation.

This compilation was created in response to the beloved label Topshelf Records, which we all admire, having a challenging situation regarding their fulfillment partner Awesome Merch which has gone bankrupt. They have not only lost control over their complete stock for a while but they are missing a lot of money in revenue which Awesome Merch has collected on their behalf. Therefore they need our financial help to cover all expenses they will face. The story is longer and you can read it in full here:

All profits made from this comp will be donated to Topshelf Records.

This is our small way of helping amazing (music) people in need.

We love Topshelf Records and you should too!

Thanks for contributing and spreading the word.

With love,

United Cassettes, Z Tapes and Start-Track

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