Single: Ariza – Patience

“Juan Carreno Ariza is a producer, composer, musical director, arranger and guitarist from Bogotá, Colombia currently located in Los Angeles, California.”

I am so excited to discover more musicians coming from Latin America.

You can find more music on Spotify.

Single: Moon Pics – Fall

A great shoegaze bedroom pop from Brasilia.

“Moon Pics is the bedroom-pop project by Adriano Caiado, 23. Living in Brasília, federal capital of Brazil, he records all instruments in his bedroom.”

You can find more music on the label Midsummer Madness

Single: Rules. – Sure Enough

A new song from a new project from Parker Hall aka Rules. A beautiful melodic indie rock. I recommend you to listen to the new EP in full. The video is great too, a perfect fit for the music.

You can find more music and the full EP on Spotify.

Single: golda – Wish I Was Someone Else

“Golda grew up in both Chicago and San Diego to Ukrainian parents who only spoke Russian in the house. At the ripe age of 5 years old, golda discovered her love for music when she taught herself how to sing opera.”

A young and talented musician, so happy to see her making such beautiful music.

You can find more music on Spotify.

Single: Pearly Drops – Choke

I am so excited to finally share something from Finland. I know so little about the music scene there and I am really glad I am discovering something great from there. This artist has just two singles out, but promising great music.

You can follow the artist on Spotify.

Single: Pure Moods – Backwards World

There are so many great artists from Australia I am yet discovering. This is certainly one of them. So happy to see flourish the music scene of this country. I recommend you check out the other single on their Bandcamp page. I am excited to hear the full album as well.

You can follow the artist and pre-order new album on Bandcamp.

Single: Sonofdov – King of the World

“From post-punk beginnings to melancholy daydreams, New Jersey based singer-songwriter, Dennis King AKA Sonofdov, writes hauntingly beautiful music.” I could not agree more with this statement. The voice is so beautiful, it is getting under my skin.

You can find full album & more music on Spotify.

Single: Quivers – When It Breaks

Just listen to that guitars. So gooooood. This is how indie would sound in the 90s and I am glad it still sounds like that. They are playing SXSW next year, don’t miss a chance to see them.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Album: Noir Audio – Sentimental Girl EP

Finally something from France worth sharing. A great indie band Noir Audio are here with short but very catchy EP. I recommend you listening to it in full.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Video Premiere: Xuan – Nobody Knows

Bringing you a brand new video from LA based XUAN. The track is off her album Have Some Funn released in 2018.

Her story is very interesting:

The daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, Xuan (pronounced “Swan”) Nguyen grew up in what she describes as the “safe and uneventful” Dallas suburbs. “Everything was really good. But I knew I needed to go out and get my ego smashed and explore. I moved to Viet Nam and hosted a TV show. I traveled around Southeast Asia, Australia and moved to Ireland.”

Living in Ireland, Xuan was inspired to write songs by her then songwriter boyfriend. “He was worried about how were going to make a living. I realized that I could become a songwriter, too and we could tour together. I thought: ‘This is going to be easy!’” Of course it wasn’t, but when Xuan returned home, she continued to hone her craft undaunted. “I got up the courage to perform at open mic, and that’s where I met Salim Nourallah (producer Old 97s, Nicholas Altobelli, The Damnwells, Rhett Miller).” Nourallah invited her into his studio to put together a record.”

I am so happy to see more diversity in today’s music world and I hope there is a bright future ahead of Xuan.

You can find more music on Spotify.

Single: Bathe – Tarot Cards

Another great single coming out of Atlanta, GA. I am so excited for this artist to get popular. Very talented.

You can follow the artist on Bandcamp.

Single: FLTY BRGR GRL – Be My Boy

FLTY BRGR GRL is a duo based in Oslo, Norway, making cute and creepy songs. The music is lo-fi and sugary, inspired by 60s vibes, lovey dovey feelings and burgers, of course. Finally some great female power on my blog. Cannot wait for them to make more great songs.

You can start following them on Bandcamp.

Single: Inning- Say Hello, Goodbye

Inning is an indie-pop act based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Beautiful, mellow melodies with very interesting layers of various instruments. Perfect music to clear your mind.

You can find more music at Bandcamp.

Single: Jared Doherty – Keep the Balloon

Jared is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Kamloops BC.

The artist describes the music best:

“Twinkling arpeggios, garagey guitars and liquid effects take the listener through a night sky, with imagery-filled lyrics touching on battling depression through creative expression.”

There is nothing I can add to this.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Single: willolux – Safe Spaces

Kristina Emmott, also known under the stage name willolux is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose musical style is a synthesis of nostalgic folk with modern bedroom pop.

There so many talented female indie musicians these days and I am very proud of this.

You can follow artist on Spotify.

Single: Baby Combat – Joan

Baby Combat is an indie pop-rock project by Noel Yeo, a singer-songwriter based in New York City, born in Singapore.

I love this song so much. I miss good old indie rock like this. Just listen and enjoy with me.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Single: Dilary Huff – Overused Sayings

Devil Town Tapes are here with a new artist Dilary Huff from Melbourne, Australia and I can promise you will love it. The first track is lo-fi rock. I am so proud of Jack and his new label. It is my the most favorite new cassette label out there.

You can find more great music on Devil Town Tapes’ Bandcamp.