Album: Noah Roth – Breakfast of Champions

Noar Roth are indie-folk-rock musician from Philadelphia.

“Breakfast of Champions was recorded between multiple studios in Philadelphia (The Metal Shop, Big Mama’s Recording, etc) over the course of three years and explores themes of coming of age, family, and addiction over a rich musical backdrop of alt country and experimental indie rock.”

Another music project coming out of my favorite city Philly. Music from there will always get special attention from me, so I was happy to receive this album in our mailbox.

I like how every song has a little bit different atmosphere and it makes me explore the album in full. You can start from the beginning and discover something new everything a new song comes in. You can just open a can of beer, play this on speakers and just enjoy listening to it. A really nice discovery (music) experience.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.