Filip’s Quick Single Picks: SOMOH, Chopsticks, St. Kio, Holysloot, Bad Posture, Nick & June

SOMOH – I Know You Care

I have shared a single from SOMOH before; this new one is delightful too. I am enjoying the vocals so much and the build-up of the song is just fantastic. I am all in. “SOMOH is the solo moniker of Sophia Mohan. Combining elements of bedroom-pop and 90’s indie rock SOMOH’s deeply personal and inviting nostalgic songcraft explores themes of love, hardship, friendships, and family whilst channelling the likes of Beabadoobee, Soccer Mommy and Alex G.” You can find more music on Spotify.

Chopsticks – pick up…

“Born in Romania and raised on cartoons, Vladimir takes time off from being a successful pop producer to make lofi beats at night.” I do not listen often to lo-fi beats, but this one got me pretty much. I like how the melody is very simple but still really interesting. It is a really nice addition not only to our playlist but also to our recommendations. You can find more music from Vladimir on Spotify.

St. Kio – Heavenly

“Nicole Bandoquillo (band-OH-key-OH) is St. Kio (key-OH).” This is a debut single from St. Kio and I am enjoying it really much. Classic shoegaze in the background with dreamy vocals is exactly something I can get into easily. I am excited about what next will Nicole bring us. The first single is promising quite enjoyable music. You can follow the artist on Spotify.

Holysloot – Uncolored

“Uncolored is about losing your curiosity and open-mindedness. The ability to observe, to see the beauty of things, without having made up your mind in advance, finding yourself becoming more and more cynical.” This Amsterdam-based band is creating pretty catchy indie pop/rock and I am glad I am sharing more music from Europe in our recommendations. I could totally imagine this in a club played live and me dancing to it with my friends… You can find more music on Spotify.

Bad Posture – No Peace

“Solo music project for a former frontman for the band CLOTHES–Spencer Hollingsworth–Bad Posture comes from the emotional depths of the COVID-19 quarantine. No Peace is full of angst and heartbreak, intertwined with big punchy drums and dirty shoegaze garage rock guitar tones.” What else to add? A catchy shoegaze track is always something I can get easily into. I like how my current recommendations are more upbeat and catchy. Even though the lyrics are not very cheerful, but that makes it even more interesting. You can find more music on Spotify.

Nick & June – Lip Sync to Love Songs

“Nick & June float in a glittering fog of trilling synthesizers, gentle beat and drum pulses and vibrating organ sounds. Embedded in dark reverb guitars, the bitter-sweet paired voices of Suzie-Lou Kraft and Nick Wolf lead the way through euphorically orchestrated restraint and meditative ramifications of thought.” I do not remember having so many European artists in one post, but I am so happy. After UK, Romania, and Holland, we have a German band. It makes me so excited and I hope this will be a regular thing. This last mellow song is perfectly wrapping up this post and I hope you enjoyed it. You can find more music from Nick & June on Spotify.