Album: Nolika – La douleur est une couleur

Minimalist yet atmospheric, french bedroom pop pioneer Nolika’s blend of sample-based electronica combined with her own spin on classic chanson française is really something special to behold. After a lifetime in the making, we are over the moon to finally share her debut album, “La douleur est une couleur”, with you. These sweet and sad songs are perfect for these cold, rainy December days, each one a figurative warm blanket covering you up, one after the other, putting you in a state of cozy bliss.”

This short release note was shared by Z Tapes on the release date on December 15. I have been a fan of Nolika’s music for a long time. We did a release together in 2017, so it’s been 5 years already. The time flies, but Nolika’s music is still beautiful. The new songs are even better than the last ones. More mature, more captivating. I still do not understand French, so for me, this is just an experience with the melodies, which are beautiful enough for me to like as much as I do. I am so happy that this could be released on Z Tapes, even though I had almost nothing to do with it. Thanks to Angie for bringing this beauty to us. Go and find some time to give the album a proper listen from the first track to the last. It deserves it…

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