EP: Gin Caterina – Naked & Wild

“Gin Caterina is a singer-songwriter from Barcelona, now based in London. Her music infuses fuzzy guitars, dreamy choruses and warm melodies delivered with raw, honest lyrics.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Catalan music, modern Indie and grunge for her debut E.P “Naked & Wild”, and an album in the works that draws from her love for Folk music. Her plethora of influences create a truly individual and bold sound; challenging but equally as enchanting.”

I like sharing artists’ debut EPs or albums. It feels like pulling fresh pastries out of the oven. They are still hot, but they smell and taste so good. Every re-listen is like cooling it a little bit down and down… Maybe this metaphor is nonsense, but I am enjoying this EP either way. I like how the guitars are creating really strong energy in these songs. If you would like to start with just one song, go for the third single Overnight. It has so much grunge in it and I am enjoying it very much.

Such a great short and sweet EP you can easily get into. So happy to find another European artist making great indie music.

You can find support the artist on Bandcamp.