Album: del claro – Passing Time

“del claro is a 23-year-old musician from Brazil.”

Not only I have shared del claro’s music before on our blog, but he also contributed to our Z Tapes Fall 2020 compilation. I called it indie slacker rock and I think that it can be applied to this new album as well. It is also a little bit more infused with synth sounds, which is very much enjoyable. Lo-fi sounds, mellow melodies, fresh vibes. I am so happy to share some music from Latin America. I am still feeling I am behind in discovering gems from that region of the world. The heavy focus on American music (mostly US music) is getting a little bit boring. I am excited that del claro is definitely bringing in his music something that is more unique in comparison to other similar artists in this genre. I am not sure how to describe it properly, but I am enjoying it. The listening experience has been a pleasure from the beginning to the end and I am glad I did not miss it. Go and discover some great lo-fi Brazilian music.

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