Introducing: Darksoft – Beigeification & 3 Questions

Let’s start this post with some quotes from the press release:

“Darksoft is a singer-songwriter that makes dreamy alternative rock.

Darksoft presents a new album, Beigeification, a postmodern dose of beigey moods and pastel phrases to match the disillusionment of our age. The 9-song album combines elements of dream pop, shoegaze, and alternative rock, with soothing velvety vocals.

The album is mixed by Brian Fisher (Hibou, Éclo, Eastern Souvenirs), and mastered by Stefan Mac (Cold War Kids, No Vacation, Sea Lemon). Beigeification is released alongside three music videos. All songs are radio-friendly.

Beigeification is released digitally by Look Up Records, with tapes printed by Olympia-based 2060 Records.

At the beginning of January, I received an email with this text and naturally went ahead and checked the music. I fell in love. The album is out (I know I am a little bit late) and you can fully enjoy it. The album is a mixture of beach pop rock, dream pop, surf pop rock, or whichever genre you will find there. It reminds me sometimes of my favorite Beach Fossils (which is always a good sign). Catchy melody, great guitar riffs, and captivating vocals. Everything that catchy indie rock should have, at least according to me.

Listening to this record from the beginning to the end was such fun and I think you will enjoy it too. Just give it a chance and you may fall in love too.

The album came out together with 3 videos which I am sharing in the post. I recommend you check out all of them if you have time (you should!).

I have even asked the band our usual 3 questions and you can find answers below:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

I’ve been doing this for over a decade and forget what initially sparked my desire to make music. I came from a family of musicians, and my friends certainly inspired me too. But once you start, it’s tough to quit… the feeling of creating recordings and listening to them is something I absolutely love. Secondly, is sharing my art with the world and performing live events. Both are pure drugs with no side effects. You create something out of thin air and then use the air to transmit the message. Music inspires me and gives me purpose. Having a new musical concept on the horizon or a tune to hum fills the day with something for the mind to tottle about with.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

Sticking with one thing for a while. Over the years, I’ve changed my tastes and used many different project names. This made it challenging to build up a following under one project. So I would tell a younger me to stay the course with something for longer. And to release any doubts you have and not care too much about what other people are doing or what successes they’re having that you’re not. For me, it eventually made more sense to have a solo recording project and ask friends to fill in for live shows. For a while, I didn’t realize that was possible. But it’s actually pretty common!

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

But isn’t life already nothing but a dream within a dream? Thankfully, I like what I’m up to nowadays, and I’m grateful for that. But if I were to get super dreamy, I would absolutely love to travel more and connect with more people IRL. I want to get a following that makes it possible to take Darksoft on the road for more tours and music festivals. Outside of music, I would like humanity to grow up. I want to live in a utopian society where humans work less, production is automated, and we all get along, where there are no prejudices, and where we collectively have a sustainable existence on the earth. Star Trek: The Next Generation is a good model for this.

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