Filip’s Quick Single Picks: luvliminall, Andreas Imrich, Wake in June, Strangeways

luvliminall – thaw

Let’s start this recommendation list with music from Japan. Whenever I come across Japanese music, I am paying more attention and sometimes I share it just to show you what is cooking up in the indie scene out there. This twee indie pop is an eclectic listening experience and it feels so representative of the Japanese scene. It is not straightforward like most Western indie music, but it makes it even more interesting. You can find more music on Spotify.

Andreas Imrich – Lenja

Probably the first music I am sharing in the Slovak language and also sharing it because I wanted to show you what is being made here. To be honest, it is not something I would naturally enjoy, but it is a nice indie-pop love song. “Song is about a girl name Lenja. It is about falling in love with the girl…” You will probably not understand a word in it, but I still hope you can enjoy it. You can find more music on Spotify.

Wake in June – Sherekhan

This is an obligatory share because of my friend Enrico and his new single. His Italian disco bedroom pop is something I have been enjoying for some time. A steady member of the Z Tapes (European) roster. There is not much lo-fi bedroom pop music coming from inland Europe that I am enjoying very much, but this is definitely one of them. Just give it a try. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Strangeways – Wearing Faces

This is a debut single from a new band called Stangeways. I received this recommendation in our Instagram DMs. It is a pretty energetic, post-punk/garage rock. A little excerpt from their Spotify bio: “With electric performances these boys aren’t afraid to show off what they can do whilst having a good time. A modern take on the Garage Rock and Post Punk scenes, their music is full of attitude and a whisper of sweet nothings to the music that influenced them.” You can follow the band on Spotify.