Video: Wombo – Thread

“The weird world of Wombo is a kaleidoscopic journey of sharp turns and surprising visions, a melting pot of influences with a cheeky cheshire-cat grin that coalesce into a trippy but infinite universe, a portal into their unique vantage point without limitation. Already committed to living outside the traditionally-heralded country sound of the music scene in their hometown of Louisville Kentucky, Sydney Chadwick (vocals) and Cameron Lowe (guitar) had previously played in punk pop band the Debauchees, and with the addition of Joel Taylor (drums) in 2016 they found a winning combination of more straightforward indie rock combined with Chadwick’s pitched up, oscillating vocals and unpredictable shifts in melody that see the band moving forward at an impressive pace. Their 2018 album Blossomlooksdownuponus is a snapshot of Wombo’s wide-ranging aspirations that careen across avant pop, psych and wonky post punk interludes with a sky’s-the-limit approach to translating the mundanity of regular life into their own high-frequency language.”

Last year, Louisville Kentucky based trio, Wombo released their beloved album, Fairy Rust that received praise from the FADER calling the record “a trove of dreams and secrets,” Paste complimenting “the thumping bass line and Chadwick’s gauzy vocals,” and more. Today, the band shares their second single “Thread” off their EP, Slab, out this Friday June 9 via Fire Talk Records. Originally made to be a solo piece on piano, “Thread” is filled with unassuming layers that transform the song’s outward simplicity into something both transient and spellbinding. Chadwick’s low – key delivery makes her melancholic sentiments (“ who was singing about loneliness ?”) universally grounding. Watch music video directed by Wombo’s Cameron Lowe.”

A little bit of introduction to the band, video, and new EP which you can listen to below. I have been really enjoying past releases from Fire Talk Records. Some great indie music. This is proof that the label is working with very talented artists.

The EP:

This avant-garde pop punk is really nicely balanced with the ballad Wolfe Ave 40 or Thread for which you can watch the video above. Together all songs are creating a really powerful EP that can satisfy even more advanced listeners who are wanting to get to their ears something that is destroying ideas of how an EP can sound. I am loving this mix of genres and moods, the EP is a well-crafted masterpiece. I am so happy this did not get in the ocean of music I am checking out every week.

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