Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Ryan Cassata, Earthware, Bled Tape, Varlowe

Ryan Cassata – Queer Love Outlaw

“Out (today) on Kill Rock Stars – Ryan Cassata’s, “Queer Love Outlaw”, a protest song intended to liberate queer & trans people from bullies who weaponize scripture to justify bigotry.” Another song from Canadian artist that is worth checking out, not only for the message of the song but also for the great indie folk the song brings to light. A really powerful song I am really enjoying.

“All my friends are outlaws
And all my friends are in love”

You can find more music on Spotify.

Earthware – See the Sunlight

“Hi! I’m Eli Wheeler, and I make indie pop that blends melancholic and introspective lyrics with soft and warm instrumentation under the name Earthware.” That’s how the submission for this song started and I liked that sentence. The indie pop Eli is making is quite catchy and I am vibing to it quite a lot. Also, it somehow fits the summer vibes that are coming from the weather outside. Summer music was always my favorite kind of music. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Bled Tape – Dark Root

I have shared could quite a few tracks from this prolific artist that is releasing new music on a regular basis. Some of the songs are connecting with me more than others. This latest one with dreamy shoegaze guitars is the one I decided to share with you. If you enjoyed this song, you can find much more music on Spotify and maybe you will find your other favorites.

Varlowe – telephone

“Telephone is my debut indie rock/slacker single that I wrote mostly about waiting for someone to call you on the phone. It has a very summer, indie slacker type of vibe to it.” Another song in my recommendations brings summer vibes that I am looking for more and more these days. I wanted to create a label releasing just summer beach music, I have already the whole concept made but I am still being cautious. I need to slow down, not start a new project so I will just listen to good summer indie music like this one. You can find more music on Spotify.