Singles: vireo – Big Elsewhere & summerending

Big Elsewhere is a song about farsickness and feeling cooped up. Suzanne and I were in quarantine last year, waiting for a pizza to be delivered and the delivery time kept getting delayed. So, we decided to pass the time by starting a recording and treating it like a game. We each chose a single note or a small melodic phrase to layer on top of each other. Then we added a chord progression on top and took turns writing vocal melodies. I spent the next day using chopsticks, mason jars, a big wooden spoon and blowing on a bottle to create the percussion. After a few months, I ended up writing lyrics and we added a few textures. Lastly, to give the song a little warble and character, we ran it through an old reel-to-reel machine that my friend found at some guy’s yard sale.”

I shared vireo’s music on my blog a while back and I am glad I can share it again. The band is making interesting folk-infused indie rock and is based in Pittsburgh, PA. Especially this new single is interesting and I really enjoyed it. You can find it on Spotify together with a small lo-fi ambient track summerending, which is really beautiful and I loved it as well. The songs are beautifully layered and I enjoy the different little sounds that make a beautiful colorful sound palette. vireo made beautiful new music and I will be looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

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