Album: Beach Vacation – Coping Habits

Introducing Beach Vacation is maybe not really necessary. It is a dream pop artist from Seattle, Washington, which I have been following for a long time and we worked together on Z Tapes. Tabor reached out to me that he would love to release a new album on cassettes and I had to say yes. Our cassette release S-T008 is exactly this great album. The album also came out on vinyl records (via San Diego-based record label Daydream Records) and CDs (via French label Too Good To Be True). I am so happy we did this release with other small labels even though it was a spontaneous collaboration made through Beach Vacation. I am just happy we are bringing this amazing album to as many types of media as possible. Beach Vacation’s music has been dear to me and somehow fits our blog and label the most. This is the sound I want to explore more on our label while giving space to various local bands with different genres.

Go and buy this album on your favorite media (of course cassettes) and listen to this album. You will not regret any second spent on these songs. My favorite songs are all 8 of them, so there is no struggle to choose a good one.

P.S.: We will do an interview with Beach Vacation, but it will take some time. 🙂

You can follow the band on: