Single: Conflict at Serenity Pools – Jasmine

Jasmine is the second and last single before the album release “Ladders of Misfortune” on October 20th *previously scheduled for September 29th but CASP needs extra time to make CDS for college radio as well as cassettes and other promotions.

This single was an impromptu addition to the album, improvised and performed by two CASP collaborators after spending a day playing outside and climbing neighborhood trees. Luke McQueeney, the main person behind CASP recently lost his father, and June Sanregret having lost her father when she was 16, have both been in talks about life, death, consciousness, and what happens after.

While heavy subjects, they both found something special in their discussions, and more so, moved into a day where the light really shined bright, almost as June puts it, “like a play date when you’re a kid”.”

I have been sharing CASP’s singles for a while and I have been enjoying them. I still remember that time, when I walked to a store or coffee shop (can’t remember exactly) in Bratislava and heard their song from speakers. It was such a nice feeling. I have been looking forward to their new album for some time and I will do my best to share it on this blog once it is out. CASP is making really interesting experimental indie rock / indie pop and I have been hooked on it so much. This new single is another great proof that it is worth getting to know their music and putting it in your playlist.

Definitely one of the bands that I have (recently) discovered and have been enjoying a lot.

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