Single: Soaked – Thank You

“3-piece rock-n-roll group. There’s something a bit strange about writing a massive bio about yourself so just listen to the songs and figure us out from them.”

This is a bio you can find on Spotify and I quite enjoyed it.

“Thank You is the third release from Soaked and dials down the distortion to give a melodic rock track about bringing back the memories of an ex that has disappeared from your life but left nostalgic fun memories.”

This is a little blurb about the song. Fresh, energetic indie rock / pop punk from Britain that will easily get you hooked. I love the guitar parts, especially the bass line is pretty catchy. A really great track that will stick with me for a while. I bet you will get into it as much as I do. From the beginning to the end, I was not bored and loved the different parts, and variations within the song. A great job.

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