Single: Tired Cossack – Cowboy

Tired Cossack is a sleepy, jittering, celebration of life’s anxious desire and the comfort in loneliness and longing nostalgia. Influenced by Neil Young, the Cure, and various post punk artists, his honest, introspective musings on friends, family, and loss combine with heavy and haunting riffs to put the listener surprisingly at ease in its meandering dissonance and catchy melodies.

This is a new single from the upcoming album that should be later on. The blend of lo-fi rock with shoegaze and post-punk creates a powerful energy that is totally captivating you. I have been listening to the song over and over and I loved it. Such great melodic loudness. The combination of quieter and louder parts creates a nice balance in the song and gets you hooked even more. A really great track I am highly enjoying and cannot wait to listen to the full album. The bonus is the fact that the artist is coming from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), which makes me double happy.

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