SINGLE: tiger del flor – living in the 90s

‘Palm trees and cigarette smoke fading in the sun’

tiger del flor is a Seattle based artist making addictive, fuzzed-out bedroom indie, inspired by (probably) all your favourite bands. Her new single ‘living in the 90s’ is an incredibly catchy slice of nostalgic bubblegum that encompasses neat and cosy production, dryly witty lyrics and a grunge sharpness.

From the artist – ‘living in the 90s’ was inspired by VHS tapes my parents took while living in Seattle in the 90s hanging out with local grunge bands. The lyrics were inspired by 90s films like Twin Peaks and Pulp Fiction, while sonically it was inspired by 90s bands like Mazzy Star and The Pixies. It’s a lamentation for an era gone by written from the perspective of an aging rockstar, sitting at a bar looking back on their golden days.’

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