Single: Gliders – Wasted Days & Waiting For You

Gliders is an indie pop band based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Formed by Thomas Howe and Joel Chapman, their debut single “Wasted Days” is a wavy lo-fi tune available digitally and on limited edition cassette via Twite Records.

We wrote “Wasted Days” at a time when we, along with the rest of the world, were feeling restless and unproductive while on lockdown way back in 2020. I like to think the lyrics reflect how we were feeling then, but they also touch on social anxiety which is quickly becoming a reoccurring theme in our music. This year we finally got around to releasing it thanks to the help of our friend across the pond Arthur Robinson.

Upon receiving the submission for “Wasted Days”, I was immediately drawn to the track’s opening jangle lo-fi guitar and warm melody. The song has been released as a double cassingle on Twite Records, a Manchester-based label that I recently discovered and am quite pleased with. If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend checking out both “Single Wasted Days” and “Waiting For You”. Both tracks are sweet lo-fi bedroom pop gems that are definitely worth your time.

You can purchase a cassingle via Twite Records.

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