Single: The BV’s – Clipping

“the bv’s are a band from augsburg, germany.

their bittersweet, looping, disintegrating mix of indie pop, shoegaze and krautrock came together by chance in the cascading granite greys of a wet english winter in 2016, when fred moved from augsburg in germany to cornwall in the UK for a university exchange programme and moved in with josh. after living together for four months, they decided to record some demos for fun, which later became their first album, speaking from a distance, released in 2017 on german label kleine untergrund schallplatten.

after fred moved back to augsburg, the bv’s continued to make music over the internet, releasing an EP and a second album with kleine untergrund schallplatten, as well as singles with cloudberry records (USA), shiny happy records (indonesia) and melotron recordings (greece). they also toured extensively in europe and the uk, including appearances at indietracks and madrid popfest.

in 2022, josh moved from the UK to augsburg. with the band now finally all living in the same city, the bv’s have spent the last year recording their third album, taking pictures of taking pictures, which will be released on 16th february by kleine untergrund schallplatten and shelflife records.”

I wanted to share a small introduction from the band. As a music enthusiast, I love discovering new artists and every share of music made in Europe makes me twice as happy. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to a lead single from the upcoming album called taking pictures of taking pictures.

This new single is a perfect blend of energetic and dreamy shoegaze with beautiful guitars and lush melodies. The song has a really nice atmosphere that will take you on a musical journey. It’s an absolute treat to listen to and it totally gets me moving. I am eagerly looking forward to the full album and I bet it will be a great one.

Overall, this new single has got me fully on board with the band’s music. I love how they have created a unique sound that’s both refreshing and captivating. So, if you’re a fan of indie music, then you should definitely check out this band’s latest work. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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