Single: The Bedroomer – The Shape of my Head

“The Bedroomer is the solo project of Kansas-born and Brooklyn-based musician and filmmaker Nat Hoopes.

The Bedroomer was created while Nat was studying film at Northwestern University. Since then, he has released two full-lenth albums called Joaquin Phoenix and I Lost Myself, a short film and single called This is a Test, and has performed in basements and art galleries to tens of people.

The Bedroomer combines bedroom pop with occasional synth-based psychedelia. Since picking up the guitar in 2019, the music has drifted from acoustic folk, to indie rock, and is now on the brink of midwest emo. The Bedroomer’s lyrics tell stories of love lost, midwestern growing pains, and cosmic dreams of yearning for a better life.

The Bedroomer’s third album Blue Lamp is reportedly in the works. 6 singles from the record are planned for release, starting with Fractal.”

Nat is here with a new song and I am really loving it. It has a nice Alex G vibe, but it is heavier and a little bit more emo-ish lo-fi rock. I love how the song is nicely built up towards the finish, where it all explodes in a beautiful colorful sound palette. I have been re-listening to it over and over and I am looking forward to the full album once it is out. Be sure to check out more music from Nat’s discography and give him a follow. In the meantime start the track and get yourself ready for some fuzzy emo lo-fi rock.

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