Single: Songs from the Cave x KLEIN – Raven

‘The night disappeared for a while’

Parents Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer and Julia Schmitz are Songs from the Cave. Their self-titled album is a wild and spooky affair, telling sparse and reclusive tales that live inside of an unruly reality. Their latest single, titled ‘Raven’, is hauntingly simple – relying only on a heart-wrenching vocal duet, a carousel-ride ukelele arpeggio and a spindly organ, panned off somewhere in the distance. The marriage of these elements come across like a late night fable, providing comfort and a warning to all weary travellers that may stumble upon it.

From the artist – ‘Eerily and yet romantically, Julia, Niko and their ukulele tell us of their experience as a family staying in a cave on La Gomera.’