Single: Wombskin – Lament

There’s not much to give

Wombskin is a mysterious and sprawling home of pure and fleeting artistic expression. It is a comfort blanket, a refuge and a vessel. Their new single ‘Lament’ is a spacious patchwork effort, combining wistful acoustic guitar, submerged and nauseous vocals and pitter-patter rhythms. Everything is carefully layered and built delicately from the ground upwards, resulting in a fragile sandcastle of sound.

From the artist – ‘Self-talk. What does your mind say to you? What do you say to your mind? Do you agree? Do you fight back? Is there anything in there at all for you? If we fight back too much we can come unstuck and stagnate in denial. It takes time, tenacity, patience, silence. It take a mental workout, a commitment to yourself that you won’t let yourself keep falling.’