Single: Scoobert Doobert – Singing For U

“What do you sing for? Who is your muse? In his new single “singing for u,” Scoobert Doobert sings to his love, his love of music. Pursuing new corridors of opportunity for independent artists to build careers that are crafted to reflect their essence and can connect directly to an aligned audience, he sings with hooks galore to the core of why he does what he does. With upcoming collaborations with Fran Lusty, India Thieriot, and BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON, he’s extending the circle from the heart. In a technological moment in time that seems to be expanding exponentially, an artist that can express harmony between the human and robust computational technique will emerge in the unfolding creative evolution. To be nostalgic for the future, to dream in the waking, to blend the what was deemed natural to what will feel novel and perpetually new. To be in a mode of constant change, to embrace the imminent and eternal, this track carries those sentiments with generous levity and delicate care.”

I’ve been listening to Scoobert Doobert’s music on and off, and I’ve found that some songs resonate with me more than others. Scoobert Doobert has an extensive discography that spans a wide range of moods, from melancholic indie pop to more upbeat indie pop. What’s impressive is how the artist manages to make indie pop accessible to a broad audience while still retaining unique characteristics that set the music apart from mainstream pop. This blend of mainstream appeal and indie sensibilities makes Scoobert Doobert’s music stand out in the indie music world.

Written by Filip Zemcik