Single: sadplanet – four days

“don’t stop there I wanna keep moving
all this drifting’s doing us nothing”

sadplanet are a 5-piece shoegaze project based in London with large, layered instrumentation combining impactful percussion, harmonious and cathartic guitar styles, and considered lyrics, their cross-genre approach makes for a unique take on the shoegaze revival. Their music is consistently ambient and resonant with memorable hooks.

‘four days’ combines arpeggiated synth melodies with dreamy guitars and a locked-in rhythm section comprised of melodic and groovy basslines and powerful drums. Expansive, honeyed vocal harmonies and a pop-y vocal hook give the track a warm and welcoming quality that makes it stand out among the shoegaze landscape.”

As a dedicated fan of shoegaze music, I’m constantly on the lookout for new shoegaze bands, particularly those hailing from Europe or the UK. Recently, I stumbled upon a London-based shoegaze group that has just released a captivating new single. The track is an ethereal blend of dreamy shoegaze, featuring mesmerizing verses that immediately draw you in. I’ve found myself hitting the replay button multiple times to fully immerse myself in the song’s atmospheric sound. The seamless flow of the music, coupled with the captivating vocals, adds a beautiful dimension to the overall composition. Listening to it feels like being enveloped in a morning mist, with the fresh scent of spring leaves and hints of blooming flowers lingering in the air. The song creates a sense of escapism, allowing me to lose myself in the captivating realm of shoegaze. This genre has a unique ability to transport me, if only for a few minutes, to a place where I can momentarily disconnect from the outside world.

Written by Filip Zemcik