Single: Randle Browning – Flowers

“Randle Browning is a songwriter and musician living between Brooklyn, NY and Waco, TX. She grew up in Houston, playing the violin and singing loudly in the house when no one was home. Her music blends indie pop and rock sounds, with roots in americana and folk. She writes about friendship and longing, and is releasing the EP Plan It Out in 2023.”

“Flowers is the first single off my EP Plan It Out. I recorded it in the Hudson Valley with collaborator/producer Noele Flowers. You’ll hear honest/edgy lyrics, intricate rhythm guitar, waterfalling lead guitar, and textural synth. We added unexpected elements, including an instrumental background vocal. This song is about power and masculinity. I wanted to turn a tough relationship dynamic into an indie rock groove. I’m planning heavy promotion, including shows in NYC and in TX.

When I first listened to this single and now after re-listening to it, it reminds me a little bit of my friend’s music. You can find it under Barbora Hora. I love the color of the voice and the gentle folk melody that is quite nice. I liked how straightforward the single is; you can easily connect to it. I have been enjoying this single and will revisit it at least in our playlist.

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