Single: The Craytes – A Very Good Dancer

“The song captures the essence of the everyday – from honey-drenched beaches and the intrigue of bank vaults – portraying scenes of stillness and observation through kaleidoscope lenses. Oftentimes, at the observer’s detriment, intense reflection and self-doubt take hold. The single, “A Very Good Dancer,” serves as a prime example, as time itself seemingly reverses

This song was sent to me by my friend Enzo, who has been part of our compilations on Z Tapes. We have been communicating on an irregular basis, but it is always nice to talk to people I used to work with a little.

This is a new song from an artist from their label roster and you should definitely follow the Flagless Records.

This new song is lo-fi, folky bedroom pop from Montreal, Québec (Canada), and has a great atmosphere, which is highly enjoyable. I was listening to it a couple of times and liked it more and more with each listening. Highly recommended.

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