Single: porch kiss – deadlock

“‘deadlock’ is a short, fuzz filled, immersive listen. the tone of the song was discovered on accident when using sub-octave fuzz on our bass. you can hear the tone breaking in the intro. these sounds are bit of a departure from the lofi album that we have been working on (LP/cassettes to release in October through Start Track), but led us to a transparent/cathartic release of personal failure and disappointment.”

Reading this message makes me so happy. I have approached porch kiss to release their music in the summer and since then we have been planning a release for this Fall. The music is a little bit different from this little track, but I love this song so much. Shoegaze, fuzzy, atmospheric track with dreamy vibes. Something that is right for my taste.

The new album will be amazing and if you have been a fan of orchid mantis, you will love that album. I am so happy that porch kiss are joining our little label roster, which will be growing, but slowly. Be sure to follow the band on Bandcamp or Spotify so you will not miss the new release.

You can follow the band on: