Single: Lozenge – Precious

“Precious showcases both the band’s more sensitive and outwardly heavier tendencies, culminating in an explosion of fuzzed out guitars and pummelling drums.

The song reinforces the group’s shoegaze pedigree, while also hinting at a taste for 90s alternative rock grandstanding; Marston’s unrelenting drumming guides a song on the verge of breaking point to an ear-bleeding crescendo.

“Precious is written in the murk that lies at the absolute bottom of self-image and self belief, but also touches on feeling useless when someone needs your help.”

If you have been captivated by the music of the talented Canadian band Gulfer, then you’ll be pleased to discover a new single from a UK-based nu-gaze (post-gaze) band hailing from Leeds. The single offers a heavy, fuzzy, and energetic sound that combines perfectly with the melodious 90s-style vocals. The raw and crushing guitar riffs are particularly noteworthy and add to the overall experience of the track. It’s a sound that I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy immensely.

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