Single: looping – OMG

“looping is an up and coming band from Washington, D.C. With influences ranging from bands like Turnstile, mewithoutYou, and Brand New, to bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Explosions In The Sky, and Sunny Day Real Estate, looping has a big, emotional sound that is simultaneously new and familiar. looping is an independent and self produced band.”

“I wrote this song in 2022 about a year after I got diagnosed with bi-polar 1. The song is kind of about my experience with bi-polar disorder. Sonically, the melodies and tones have a lot of ominous emotions. It’s dreamy, happy, sad, angsty, and hopeful all at once, which is how i feel a lot of the time. Lyrically, it’s a picture of “i can feel myself losing my control, and i have no idea what to do about it, and i’m freaking out right now.” which i think every person can relate to.”

Reading this story makes the lyrics of this song stronger and more important. I know how hard it can be from the personal experience of my friends. Bipolar disorder is no fun and I am glad that looping chose to talk about it through song. I like its emo-ish vibe and it reminded me a little bit of Gulfer, which are amazing band. I really love how this song sounds and cannot wait to hear more from this band.

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