Single: Lipstk – Six More Miles

Let’s introduce the band a little bit:

“Indie rock band out of Columbus Ohio heavily influenced by Indie rock/pop, 90s alt, and indie folky stuff.

Starting in early 2021, Jordan (drums), Alec (vocals/guitar), Nick (guitar) began playing music together and quickly found chemistry. Writing their first EP “Out’a Line” that year and not having bass lines written until entering the studio, the realization hit hard that finding a bass player as soon as possible was imperative. After playing two shows with session musicians they found bassist Jenna Jaworski. Having completed the lineup and full of inspiration they began working on their first full-length album, “Solidarity”.

And here is a little blurb about the song.

“Lyrically, it was initially intended to be a country western version of Romeo and Juliet. The words came while watching a documentary about Hank Williams, but when I sat down with the guitar it took an entirely different turn. Although fictional and dramatic, I have plenty of heartbreak experiences of my own to dip into. It was quite a cathartic process of writing and recording this song.

Written on acoustic guitar, the song musically seemed to know its path before we did and the process felt very natural and effortless. Heavily influenced by Villegerrr, Merce Lemon, Boy Genius, and Big Thief.

I have shared a song from Lipstk before in our recommendations and I quite liked it. This new single is even better and I am happy to share you with it. It is a nice indie-folk-rock ballad with amazing guitar parts. I love the nice changes between the instrumental and vocal parts. The overall energy was connecting with me pretty much and I am looking forward to the full-length album which should be out in the near future. I used to hate releasing album single after single, but now I am enjoying the slow discovery of an album through singles. It feels like revealing a picture in parts and when you see it in whole, it is beautiful. I think this album will be beautiful.

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