Singles: Soft Covers – Every Week & The Real Housewives of Porpoise Spit

“Homemade and well-loved pop music, taken out of the oven a little too early and left out on the line a little too long.”

The band reached out to me with the single Every Week, but I am bringing you both singles that are out from the upcoming album Soft Serve which will be out on October 6 on vinyl records through Brisbane-Australia-based label Little Lunch Records (I love the label name!). My beloved French label Hidden Bay Records is putting this album onto tapes (I had to get one and you should too).

The band is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is making soft, jangle, indie pop with some great summer vibes. The summer is about to start on the other side of the planet, so this is coming at the right time. To be honest, we will always love some more summer vibes in our hemisphere.

The songs are playful, and energetic with catchy guitar riffs and a great atmosphere. I am looking forward to hearing the full album once it is out. I will do my best to share it on our blog as well.

You can follow the band on: