Single: A Beacon School – Alone

Quote from Patrick J. Smith aka A Beacon School about the album:

““Alone” is about the moment when you feel like your luck is finally turning. Nothing’s been going your way, so when you catch the faintest glimmer of hope you grab on to it as tight as you can.”

I am revealing this album piece by piece, single by single and I love how nicely the album is shaping out. I am excited to share it with you once it is out. On the Bandcamp page, you can already find all the singles that are out and if you are still hesitating to purchase this album, there is no more help for you.

Dreamy shoegaze indie rock is something that will always work for me and it reminds me a little bit of Beach Fossils but in a more upbeat version. A really great track and another stellar addition to the album.

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