Single: JW Francis – Treasure

“With this track I’m announcing my next album SUNSHINE which comes out October 11th. I’ll also be announcing a full US/CAN tour with Jaguar Sun.”

“This is a song from my upcoming album SUNSHINE out October 11th that’s all about how I went and lived in the woods walking the Appalachian Trail for 4 months.”

I just wanted to share some quotes we’ve received from the press regarding the latest single from JW Francis, my favorite New York-based jangle indie pop artist. I’m a huge fan of his music and have even purchased one of his vinyl records in the past, which has seen a lot of playtime in my flat. I’m eagerly anticipating his upcoming album, especially after thoroughly enjoying the four singles that have been released so far. While these new singles have a bit of a poppier edge, they still retain the unique JW Francis vibe that initially drew me to his music. The most recent single is a bit slower and mellow, with a dreamy quality, yet it’s still incredibly catchy and has resonated with me just as much as the others. I’m looking forward to hearing more singles from this album and can’t wait to give them a listen. JW Francis has definitely solidified his place as one of my favorite indie artists currently creating music.

Here are also previous coverages of other singles that will be part of the album:

Written by Filip Zemcik